3 New Free Apps for Android devices you should try

Shop owns Google Play a huge range of free applications for devices Android, and could not have a chance of new applications experience unless you know their names by heart, and this is why we look forward to look at the store to help you get the most free applications for your Your Android which will provide many services.

3 new free apps for Android devices you should try

Opera Touch

Opera Touch is one of the latest Android browsers. This browser was released just a week ago and was originally designed for manual use. It has a shiny new interface that is easy to use. Once the application opens, the cursor appears on the title bar, Access it.

At the moment, when most browser applications have options and menu in the top left or right, Opera Touch offers a new look at the bottom of the screen where your fingers can quickly find it, and while scrolling down, displays a button to open a new tab, On a long screen, this is a welcome change.

But the most important feature of the application is Flow, a feature that allows you to transfer open websites from the Opera browser on your desktop to your Android device by scanning the QR code, and you can try the free application from here.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a stand-alone application from Google to create and manage your tasks. This application has a neat, uncluttered appearance that lets you create reminders or tasks, associate them with email messages, calendar and set due dates. Furthermore, you can also create a list and sync All of the common tasks below, at the moment, the application does not have the option to add priorities or categories and we hope to see them in future updates, and the feature you like most is that you can create a task on Gmail and it will reflect the application of tasks immediately, and more. Also create tasks Subset, and you can free application from the experience here.

Audiobook Reader

Audiobook Reader is a unique e-reader application, unlike other applications that give you the convenience of reading books from your smartphone. This application takes a slightly different path and uses the TTS capabilities of Amazon Polly TTS to tell you these books.

With a large number of languages ​​and a choice between male and female voices, you can customize your hearing experience to the fullest. All you have to do is import e-books into your smartphone, connect your headphones, and on days when you feel uncomfortable Traditional, you will find a wide range of controls available, such as text alignment, line spacing, brightness, etc., and you can experience the application from here.