10 Steps You should Take When You have a New Android Phone

When you get a new Android phone that takes you so you can turn it on and start using it, but slow down. Here are 10 basic steps you should take when you have a new Android phone.

Check the Phone Box

The first thing you have to do when opening the phone box is to make sure that you have the full gear. Some devices come with accessories for removing and installing the device. Be careful not to lose them. You should also check the charger supplied with the device. You may be lucky and get an earphone. From the device screen and the chassis before turning on the device.

Setup the Phone

Do not interrupt your work on the phone because the battery is low or low, you need to connect to the charger and wait for the battery to be full, then turn on the phone and make the first network connection with Wifi.

Log in to Google

One of the first things your new phone asks you to do is sign in to your Google Account to let you install your email, synchronize your identity, let apps install, and much more to make it easier for you to work with your phone.

Basic Applications

Most Android phones come with pre-installed applications by the manufacturer or carrier of the phone. These applications run out of storage space and can slow down the phone. To take advantage of all the phone’s capabilities, you need to get rid of them by going to the applications menu in Settings and choosing List the applications that are preloaded on your phone, and then uninstall or disable and remove updates from them.

During initial setup, do not hesitate to skip offers that require you to register for additional protection from malware or other add-ons, and do not participate in anything beyond the powers of your Google Account.

Change the Way You Use Your Old Phone

Getting a new phone is an opportunity to get rid of your old bad habits. Check out the apps that are important to you, Whatsapp and Facebook to name but a few. Visit the Google Play store. To see the latest updates and change your browser, find alternatives to the apps you use. , Download some new games, change the keyboard and rely on a new keyboard, and customize the screen to suit your needs and requirements.

Secure the phone

Your phone has a lot of important information and sensitive, especially if you are using banking or online purchases, you must protect it in a very powerful way, and the security options available in most Android phones PIN and lock style, in addition to the fingerprint option which is the safest.

Keep Your Phone Up-to-Date

It is very important to keep your phone up to date to the latest version, and you can make sure that your phone is running the latest version available from the Android system by going to the settings and then about the device and then update the system, in addition to the system update you keep your applications updated, so by visiting the Google Play store and choose applications And My Games from the menu, and choose Update All.

Set up Phone Data

You can limit the data you consume on your phone by going to Settings and then going to the data usage and select the amount of monthly data you want to consume, and you will get an alarm about the approximate amount of data you have selected.

Get to Know Your Phone

Your new smartphone is your new home, take some time to get to know its settings, find out where the features are and how you use them, and do not let your phone seem strange to you.